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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 3, 2009

Embracing Fate

"Every great pain, whether physical or spiritual, declares what we deserve; for it could not come to us if we did not deserve it."
- Schopenhauer

No struggle, not a forced reconciliation, not even intoxicated seduction, but considered reflection. You cannot make yourself love what you don't understand and appreciate, nor frame into comprehension what will eternally elude erroneous suppositions religiously clasped. A good life is absurdly easy and attainable, but also necessarily subtle and multifarious.

Who could make a decision or be seriously held to an opinion when quite fairly they know almost nothing, have no significant reference points, and rarely think beyond the immediate? Life's natural wisdom is like a community's elders that can arrange a happier marriage than a couple in love -- a greater wisdom beyond temporal considerations that defers to the experience of seeing how dramas play out for better or worse, a realism that most individuals are blind to and pay dearly for.

We can only be thankful for every misery, pain, theft, stupidity, sabotage, failure, and murdered hope. We not only survived it and became wiser for living it, but paid its price, endured the stormy night, and awoke freer, as if from a strange dream.

It is a blessing from the universe to face adversity and strangeness for we emerge stronger, more certain, and more discerning after it. The past is gone and unchangeable. Instead we perpetually have a future we could not have imagined and would be forever indebted to if only such debts were imposed for each new day instead of freely given. We are gifted with the improbable and vivid, beautiful people with loving souls -- and this is more than enough.

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