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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 18, 2012

Tolerate Everything

Is fire hot? Perhaps in a relative sense. The sun is hotter still and more oppressive.

More importantly, fire is natural and has always been with us. It's improper that authorities prevent us from having bonfires in our living rooms or anywhere else we want. How could you restrict a fire? It's free and goes where it wants. We need to learn and discover our humanity by becoming educated that fire is harmless and should be accepted as part of our community, perhaps even taken out to dinner and apologized to for past slights.

Fire poses no threat, but popular misconceptions about fire create a biased atmosphere leading to real harm. It's time we all grow up, which means everyone who disagrees must begin agreeing by giving up their observations, experiences, and beliefs, no longer concerning themselves with critical thinking, historical consideration, and proximate consequences.

The truth is there is fire in our community, and it's not going away. It should be tolerated, embraced, legalized, normalized, given special rights, protected status, tax exemptions, statues, holidays, made immune from criticism, considered impolite for adult discussion, advocated, taught, and given a free pass to do whatever it will.

Small bigots want to extinguish fire and keep it out of our community, wishing with hateful hearts to relegate it to campsites, burning trashcans, and other contained spaces. But who has the right to say I can't have a bonfire in my living room, kitchen, or bedroom? The so-called fire marshall might be upset, and the city counsel can pass fire hating laws, but no amount of legislation can prevent what we desire or keep us from our right to happiness.

No one can say whether it's good or bad to have houses burnt to the ground, therefore it's good. We're not here with goals and purpose, but rather to accept everything equally and passively spectate as we allow things to happen without distinction and valuation. We won't be enlightened until everything is accepted and every outcome is treated identically.

Some people might have had bad experiences with fire. We can't deny an authentic narrative and though you might have been burned or disfigured, fire holds no ill will toward you. It wants only to live judgment free and treated as normal or benevolent, as do we all, especially the badly flawed, decadent, and undesirable.

Now stare deep into the hypnotizing flickering flames and declare obedience to all permissiveness. We call this progress, and please don't judge the outcome.

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