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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 5, 2012

The Devil May Not Care

Fantasy and ready-made images tempt the irresistable headlong pursuit of demise. Whatever the proposed plan of action, it is not even supposed to work, and who today really wants a good result when they can easily imagine themselves special and separate from the eternal truth of the universe?

With a whimper, not a bang, progressing into hovels por todos, a perfect stagnating growth of equality blockading anyone with ambition greater than consuming sugar and entertainment products.

Satan Laugh as you Eternally Rot The individualistic worldview detaches from and dismisses consequences, ensuring surprise after realizing ego has drawn the noose. It desires the illusion of happiness, and will never reach satisfaction while aware of lasting misery.

What if there is a devil, but he merely leaves people alone to their own devices, taking no interest in dispelling their illusions, lies, and self-deception? In that sense, the devil is the individual proudly touting ignorance enthroned as enlightenment, the driving force of innocent wickedness towards oneself and the world.

Older traditions tell us not about literal devils, but forces of nature used as metaphors.

1) Ignorance - Society is fragile, cooperation and ability are vital, and long view is essential, yet some behave in a way that ensures failure and spills out as a burden onto others. They see their quick advantage, then smash and grab, creating wreckage that others will have to clean up and replace. These devils and their thinking must be stopped and removed before they wreck the whole.

2) Temptation - Lucifer, light, possibility, everything the weak can't handle. Accuser, lord of light, from whom we must stay afar and warn others. Morning star, guide at dawn bringing a new day for stirring paths to allure.

3) Scapegoat - We cause ourselves harm and hardships, but from dishonesty and unawareness cannot trace its origins or accept correlations, thus we invent an external symbol to project upon so we can see ourselves.

When we look for a way forward, we have to remember past approaches and consider what is known to work. Our society no longer has a means of communicating wisdom, providing education, or warning against self-destruction. As society has grown too diverse to uphold these values (or agree on any at all), we can no longer expect others to care about what is sacred and essential to our notion of civilization, and must continue living as though the eternal was well known and revered by all.

Some thought Loki a devil, but he had honor and playfulness in his mischief.

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