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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 5, 2013

Dissolving The Social Contract

alone in the desert All this that does not serve me, but rather hinders, obstructs, or penalizes me, I must reject. May those who prefer these fetters do what they will, but I absolve myself and all others of any binding expectations.

The social contract may have once held value and rational appeal, but its worth has fled as social integrity corroded and collapsed from within. In principal, it premise remains unchanged, but in practice its effects are passively tolerant of abuse, allowing the ignoble to egregiously cheat and violate codes of honor without restraint or repercussions.

Situational awareness quickly trains for dealing with the public and its institutions. They are expected to be dysfunctional and disorganized schemes premised on trust, and thus made ripe for taking advantage by using every feigned act of propriety for presenting the illusion of fairness.

Justice and neighborly relations no longer remain, as most living spaces have grown large and diverse, reduced to little more than transactions with strangers. Perhaps those who treat all as marks and dupes are just several decades clairvoyant, drawing a pragmatic conclusion to the progressive project.

Accordingly, we must be prepared for every failure and worst case situation, as all others merely performing their function have no concern for consequences that might befall us or any notion of a wider perspective.

We must be armed as our own police force to avoid encroachments and come to our own defense. We must be inquisitive judges of the highest caliber to get to the facts of all important cases. Our backs must have the strength of mules, for we have discarded every easy answer and comfortable convention, in its place restoring the simplicity of what we are able to do, create, and discover for ourselves. Shortcuts are fraud and third-hand knowledge insufficient hearsay penetration into the facts of the world, and inaction is always an unsuitable disposition and obstructing orientation to the possibilities of the world.

We roam an ever lawless frontier, seeing every structure as a ghost town of rotted frames that once stood whole, now just dusty remains and buried corpses of men shot for questionable reasons, wrecked land of busted towns long abandoned by their founding profiteers and conmen.

That which lacks eternal value is not ours to uphold.

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