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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 11, 2014

Defying Nature

Few people are attracted to the overweight, the ugly, the loud, the rude, the dull, or those of bad character. And who but a crazy person would attempt to defy natural attraction?

Some attempt to escape their low ranking by using propaganda and shame to relatively raise their status, as if words could talk someone into desiring what they find repulsive, or convince them the well fit are sloppy and unsound. So far, this scheme hasn't worked, and these aspiring social engineers have not won themselves the privilege they seek.

do we want more or fewer ugly witches? More importantly, why the marginalization of witches? Literature and art characterize witches as ugly with contorted noses, bad features, and a wicked temperament, fully unsuitable as wives and hostile to society. These crude, cruel depictions summarily capture the traits of many people, at once making them outsiders by virtue of matching those portrayals.

Perhaps some men deserve to marry grotesque witches, strengthening the pool of bad features so they increase in number and potency instead instead of dying out from non-selection. Those who want equality desire more of the average and low, everything without distinction of good from bad. If tolerance is the rule, especially of bad outcomes, should we not create more bad outcomes to prove how open minded and welcoming we are to the disastrous, worthless, and harmful? The more misery we cause and tolerate as normal, the more enlightened and benevolent others will judge us to be.

When we pretend to notice nothing and show we don't care what happens, we boldly declare ignorance, exhaustion, and inability to govern ourselves.

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