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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 9, 2015

Faustian Souls

The Faustian soul is transfixed on reaching beyond, stretching itself into infinitude during its personally short duration, with each member attempting its potential, each star shining for an instant as it exerts itself to go farther Summoned into being from an infinitude of nothingness, we breathe for a moment.

We know almost nothing, and are born into our dispositions and worldview.

We are traditionally Faustian, conceptually and physically spanning time and place, as if prepared long ago to explore the cosmos and enjoy the wealth of having many homes, thankfully gifted with ability to tend each of them.

We civilize and make functional the most barbaric, hostile, or ruined land, but more importantly our spirit thirsts for perpetual expanse. This is our gift and curse, for it propels us beyond all limits and sensibility and affixes our focus on targets others dismiss as unattainable or never stir within enough to ponder, happily dull and incurious. This feeling for reaching beyond the present births our technology, art, exploration, and is the ever replenishing pool of our aspirations.

Our hopes, beliefs, and worldview inextricably grow from the Faustian instinct. Those who lack this feeling can imitate our creations, but their results will always remain foreign and artificial, for they lack its love and the need to burst forth in all directions beyond limit.

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