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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 25, 2015

The Governing Challenge

The greatest challenge to Western governments in the next decades will be trying to maintain the appearance of remaining functional.

They are flanked on one side by tolerance of bad outcomes, which they attempt to defend with phony explanations for their causes. These arguments will gradually wilt from scrutiny. New bogus reasons will be proposed, and these too will collapse under examination until all shields are torn away, leaving the truth bare before all.

Low IQ prevails and must be spread everywhere because it's progress

The system buys time with fake measurements that supposedly prove high standards, no different from faking tests for clean diesel emissions. In a bind, all you can do is fake it and hope to get through another day until you're eventually caught. With governments regularly committing fraud and forcing malignant changes to society, degrading the whole for their selfish advantage, why can't corporations do the same?

On the other side they are flanked by vibrant diversity which has curtailed civic engagement from distrust and lack of common interests, with contrary goals and values openly clashing. Voting is ludicrous given recognition that it's not your society anymore. After dispossession, no one is interested in helping fix obvious problems that were once addressed by the community that has been destroyed.

All that's left is to build your small parcel, defend as best possible against encroachment, and tune out the nonsense and decay.

Now flanked, and having sustained decades of progressive attrition, an assault of third-worlders comes to lock in permanent disunity and largely replace the people who developed civilization. This ensures a safe return to the third world standards these people autonomously created in their own lands.

World IQ over time

Governments will be forced to treat low ability as normal, because statistically it will be common. Having crafted that population, the government will adapt to that level of results. Clearly it opted for a third-world direction for a good reason, otherwise it would not have changed an advanced society to create a less able result without a purpose in mind.

The final fail-safe will be the individual, which will largely fall into camps of those who understand plainly why failure is happening and those who are a mix of delusional and dishonest. These constituencies are too diverse to share consensus about what sort of behavior is desirable or expected, so increased tolerance for bad results will be requested while those with money will separate from undesirable populations to minimize exposure to destruction.

Businesses have a higher need to run a tight ship than governments because they must fund themselves from profits instead of being privileged to regularly take taxes from citizens. Like governments, businesses will adopt a new orientation towards the public that assumes error, ignorance, and undirectedness as the new standard. Anything a member of the public says is probably wrong or dishonest, possibly a scam or statement originating from mental illness, so every interaction will anticipate mistakes in judgment and action to minimize their damage.

This means treating everyone as a destructive moron liar. With the smart people bred out, society will baseline to third-world standards, and when morphine explanations eventually fail, new norms will gradually be accepted as better approximations of the situation.

You can always buy a little time with facades and lies, which is just like borrowing from a loan shark.

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