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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2015

Confessions of Saul, the Pragmatist

The desert mystic was a polarizing figure. He was deemed a rabble rouser and was occasionally persecuted for disruptive teachings contrary to the efforts of the administrative authorities.

His followers were devoted because his ideas helped calm their inner insanity. His pot luck hippie gatherings in the desert were fun, whether driven by hallucinogenic mushrooms or the burning bush's DMT.

His hygiene guidelines were of great personal benefit to those unfamiliar with washing.

His suggestions to not violently act out were stabilizing to crazy Middle Eastern tribes who needed commandments telling them not to murder, steal, and perform other acts because of defective instincts. To be made closer to normal people, their inherent features had to be excised in every new generation; circumcision being only a symbol of their need to be made partial.

After multiple skirmishes the day finally came when authorities had to arrest and execute the rebel. His small cult would now drift to the next hippie, unless the cult could be commemorated. And if it could be commemorated, it could be codified, expanded, and made into a movement with proper marketing. Saul was not one to let a profitable opportunity slip away.

From this personal loss of a friend, who is in any case gone forever and could not care what is said of him, a new product could be offered. I can use my previous access to promote it and give testimony to lure others to its message.

Saul became Paul, and fancied himself a promoter. Germans later reinterpreted Judeo-Christianity, standardizing, spreading and enforcing it for gain. After the Crusades darkened Europe, the original impact continued to pulse. The next big demonstration appeared in the French Revolution with the liquidation of the intellectual class for the purpose of achieving equality, and France never recovered. Any act can be justified.

When victory matters more than truth, monsters like Bernays appear, which begat Madison Ave and its message of needing products to fill a void, which begat efforts to hollow out the whole so people could be convinced cheap huckstered products were what they were lacking.

As the world spun, Hollywood stories developed from semi-innocuous distractions to ideological propaganda showing secular faith in its fictional form, which from the illustration became a reference point and served as proof of this new belief, the movie world and real world being confused as the same to most observers.

Enemies, especially nature, could be demonized, the good could be shown as wicked, insane ideas could be portrayed as genius, and the neurosis of the crazy could be spread widely to equally debilitate many. Every poison could be broadcast and praised, and basic principles of civilization turned upside down, yet the movie world showing images of this working better than ever.

Best of all, audiences would pay for the privilege of being debased and lied to in visual form.

Without the French revolution, there is no Karl Marx to bequeath communism as the ideal in civil rights. Under communism, all are equal, except the privileged ruling class, as the professional, educated, and conservatives are liquidated as a warning to the remaining lower classes who are additionally squeezed into obedience and silence by the state through frequent demonstrations of hunger and poverty as gentle alternatives to murder.

What is communism except a series of definitions, none which correspond closely to reality? And if one points this out in public, they are an enemy of the state and will soon be reeducated, imprisoned, or liquidated for the crime of honesty.

Communism used the same methods and failed everywhere it was attempted, yet succeeded in thoroughly embedding itself in the west with its activists overtaking university professorships and politics, replacing traditionalists.

Communists fought relentlessly and were able to overturn almost all values that had stood for thousands of years, replacing them with more appealing doctrines and beliefs buttressed by media promotion that proved the superiority of their faith. Their domination of schools ensured an eventual victory by teaching children to approve of people who repeated those ideas and oppose the enemies of communism who thought differently and dared to say so in public.

The free speech movement in the 60s claimed to desire permissiveness for all ideas, but as soon as they gained power, they promptly began attacking and censoring ideas contrary to their own. They were only interested in winning by any means necessary.

Even the pope is complicit in the fakery of miracles, as he certifies them for the purpose of creating saints, which he justifies as inspiring to the followers of his religion. He concludes it is helpful for people to think the laws of the universe can be violated by magical people who deviate from the natural world and thus are cast into sainthood after their deaths.

Paul/Saul did the same by creating an image and marketing it for gain.

When someone uses a historical person for their platform, consider what they are trying to prove and whether this is vacuous propaganda, a fraudulent miracle, or twisted tall tales repeated until they are tolerated as truth.

Beware every legacy of lies.

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