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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 13, 2016

What Your Grandparents Lived

Los Angeles in the 1950s was a different world and type of civilization from what politicians created just a few decades later, yet the better version could be decided upon just as easily as the failed one Sociologists attribute a low grade depression to generational consciousness that a mass hollowing out means they won't do as well as their parents.

Many grew up remembering having neighbors and a neighborhood. There are still houses, but all feeling of community has been killed.

Relationships are dead. Marriage and divorce are used as social welfare. Dating has been reduced to a cell phone app, robbed of hope and used as entertainment for bored people.

Potential rests barren and idle. To prove its worthlessness, they make sure not to try, and then get angry at those who do, and call them cheaters.

Those who pay taxes are held political hostage, required by law to give their money to useless programs they oppose. Politicians mandate these programs to secure votes, neither giving workers relief from political schemes, nor addressing public needs.

"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

We are reminded by the mantra "eat what your grandparents ate" that our evolution includes specialization to prosper from the foods of our foundational region. We are not to eat corn chips, sugar water, and cupcakes, unless that is what people of your heritage ate two generations ago and all times previous when they were healthy, virile, and able to attempt great efforts.

Considering more broadly, not only is health restored by eating what our grandparents ate, but our society returns to sanity and purpose when we do what our grandparents did. Simple action and realistic consideration of consequences develops a robust and worthwhile society with interesting, lively, durable people -- which is necessary to build a neighborhood of folks worth caring about, which is necessary for a flourishing civilization.

Toleration for decline and decrepitude is ignorance towards what was proven to work for millennia. We're under no obligation to walk in step with a disaster at odds with everything we want and need.

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