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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 26, 2016

All Ideology is Phony Posturing

I once watched a girlfriend become ensnared by feminism. It was a fascinating process to see how it appealed to her as part tantrum and part hatred -- great mechanisms to capture alienated youth and losers who never recovered from abandonment.

People with no religious inclinations fall under the spell of cults and new-age religions and will declare a sudden belief in spiritual babble. They see others around them doing it and enjoy the power they get from taking that stance, so they emulate it in solidarity with the new group.

Likewise, new converts to feminism quickly learn its catechisms and phony arguments that all participants know aren't factual. They faithfully repeat the doctrine and shout down anyone pointing out its errors. There is power in posing as a victim, though no victimizers are ever found -- just invisible systems everywhere synchronized in conspiracy.

Feminism is a social ideology, not a fact based position. More specifically, it is an emotional outlet for the bitter and mentally deranged who despise humanity. All leftism is an attempt at hateful revenge against nature for creating someone who feels enviously inadequate compared to others, which they often are and make no effort to do better.

Ideology is a game that doesn't have to be real. Its users merely have to claim a position to use as justification for lashing out at the world in the vain hope that their rage and isolation will be acknowledged. They are willing to destroy everything to be recognized and gain from the obstacle they present to others.

We see plainly that so-called religious terrorists don't believe in their religion. They are lost and feel inferior, hence the ease of their suicidal actions, and lash out at others who don't feel their despair. The religion is a symbol of resistance, not a spiritual practice.

It's obvious why leftists favor Islamic terrorists over Western civilization and feminists over happy families and healthy relationships. The goal of leftism is to destroy and degrade, burning everything down until it is finally made equal and worthless, just a heap of garbage and ruins after everything good has been wrecked.

"Now will you love me daddy?" the leftist whimpered into the smoldering ashes.

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