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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 29, 2017


Newspapers serve an important social purpose of providing a way to wrap fish for transportation Fish-wrap newspapers shamelessly publish stories about entertainment celebrities and their trivial dramas because this is qualitatively no worse than publishing gossip, made up stories claiming anonymous sources, or crime reports about politicians caught doing what is typical in their profession.

The remainder of this daily cycle of information is filled with stories about war, poverty, and collapse in failed nations and exciting sports scores achieved by grown men throwing a ball around. Did you see the latest important movie or TV show with a fake fantasy plot that provided escape by means of a lie, taking away precious hours of your life?

There's never any evaluation of ideas or principles, nor consideration of how to improve the quality of civilization. We are told we must engage in essential dialogues, but this is just a request for submission to dishonest social conditioning expecting us to accept lies of convenience while ignoring underlying factors. As usual, the system makes demands to extract compliance and tries to coerce you to ignore its total failure and tolerate inadequacy instead of addressing those conditions and replacing what lacks fitness for purpose.

As if hopelessly resigned to a nursing home waiting for death to solve the growing list of ailments, the treatment ignores causes and solutions, rejecting what reason reveals. This is diagnosed as a spiritual sickness of failed aspiration and inaction that gives up and disregards known relationships of events that can be made better rather than ignored to lapse into decay.

The showcase of effects becomes a daily regimen putting Dr. Morell to shame. Disassociatives distort consciousness of one's situation, opiates remove feedback while promoting slumber, SSRIs give a feeling of satisfaction without fulfilling the fundamentals that naturally provide those chemicals as feedback of health, stimulant cocktails promote focus on distractions to drown the mind in irrelevance, and mood stabilizers -- which are basically tranquilizers -- help block awareness and consideration of events around the patient, making non-unhappy by making stupid and ignorant.

You can taken these as pharmaceuticals or in other forms offered plentifully.

We must never forget that the primary intent of the press is to entertain, and lying is only one of the tools that helps it spread diversions. You can imagine a cancerous army of wicked orcs desiring to channel all of the universe's resources towards total amusement of the masses, transfixing them on captivating nonsensical messages and images that hypnotize, stun, and provoke reaction to give them a gravitational pull to become the center of the universe. That this is a revolt against humanity and nature is only a side-effect, not its self-centered profitable mission.

The worst part of transforming parrot cage liner to an online format where intriguing titles reap clicks is that valuable paper is no longer provided for pet sanitary needs.

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