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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 25, 2017

It's Inevitable (It's Not)

Politicians work primarily for self-benefit, typically creating horrible conditions for the public to endure while they create a small advantage for their sponsors at tremendous public cost.

To extract compliance from the public for these negative changes, they create a depressing psychological atmosphere of resignation by saying it's inevitable that the degradation no one wants is being forcibly enacted upon the public, and though it could be stopped, reversed, and a better situation restored, the degradation must instead be tolerated and supported.

This mindset tries to inform the public that even their smartest and most capable people, some of whom possess reason, have fired rockets into outer space, and once were able to compose symphonies, aren't capable of organization and selection of desirable outcomes. Though many of us can see where bad situations are heading, we are somehow too weak or stupid to prevent them, so instead should medicate ourselves with SSRIs and estrogen to tolerate, accept, and embrace the abominable by calling it enlightened progress.

Kaczynski suggests the phony use of inevitability is a narrative device to preclude logical scrutiny of active behavior intent on producing that specific result.

As for the inevitability argument, if the developments you describe are inevitable, they are not inevitable in the way that old age and bad weather are inevitable. They are inevitable only because techno-nerds like you make them inevitable. If there were no computer scientists there would be no progress in computer science. If you claim you are justified in pursuing your research because the developments involved are inevitable, then you may as well say that theft is inevitable, therefore we shouldn't blame thieves.

But we do not believe that progress and growth are inevitable.

FC to Gelernter

Public discussion about possibilities and actions ends when talk is hijacked from solutions into dealing with an undesirable outcome. This manufactured distraction insists upon accepting what can be reversed by prematurely calling it the new state of things by resigning without an effort or single plan to attain the desirable state, telling all they should tolerate unwanted ruin.

Though your leaders have failed to uphold civilization once again so that your children will have all that you had, you should remain cheerful as you despair over collapse and the impotence of those in power to do what is easy and wanted.

Those with power use this tactic for good reason, but it is defeated by remembering the healthy condition that used to be and working towards what you want, rather than what they wish to foist upon you for their gain.

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