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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 12, 2018

Boring Lectures

The majority of leadership -- and the boring part -- is talking to adults as if they were retarded children. This ingrains the perspective that everyone should be assumed an ignorant fool who is confused, disorganized, and holds contradictory misunderstandings, as the public repeatedly demonstrates.

Therefore, leaders fall back upon ideas that are clear and simple to those of average intelligence and impairments, seemingly offering progress and moral goodness even if repeated for decades with increasingly poor results.

This also reminds that insight and independent thinking are rare, habits are comfortable, and low standards are repulsive to those with higher standards - and even within a homogeneous culture levels vary. The formulaic ritual leadership can be robotically fulfilled by reduction to standing in front and offering comfortable long-winded babble spiced with platitudes, but this educates no one, chooses no direction, and shows no understanding of the current situation or plan for tomorrow.

Doubt creeps in and you realize that boring talking is neither necessary nor helpful -- it's just a fake substitute for effective communication. Still worse, the type of communication gets only one chance, so fixation upon the average precludes discussion of essential ideas that would necessarily be approached quite differently with a distinct focus far from dull and placating.

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