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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 14, 2018

Have A Treat

There are people who eat milk chocolate, typically diluted with junk and marketed to dopes as a cheap substitute for real chocolate. Most consumers obediently buy what they are told to and make themselves content with it, thinking it is normal and good.

Eating candy or a bag of chips won't by itself make you into a land whale. Individually, these products are non-toxic, but as part of a lifestyle based on weakness and poor decisions, the consumer will soon be overweight and unhealthy.

The company argues it is not to blame. It merely sells treats, which are harmless to people who exercise daily and choose a healthy diet. Such people also have no appetite for treats -- depressed and unhealthy people seek treats.

In practice, most people reject activity in favor of passive watching. They eat treats all day long because they believe in no standards or goals, even easily attainable ones. They are free floating lost souls, and stuffing their face with treats presents no philosophical objection nor clash with their ideals and future plans.

For companies, saying their harmful product should be used responsibly is a great legal position, as well as solid marketing.

They keep selling treats while consumers acting as eating machines spend each day transporting garbage into their bellies, yielding the obesity you see around you everywhere.

Companies are just a formal structure for making money, not a quest to somehow fix the massive health problems of modernity.

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