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  April 30, 2018

Ancestral IQ

Dr. Bruce Frumkin, a clinical psychologist who tested Salman last summer, was the last witness to testify Tuesday.

He testified that Salman has an IQ of 84 -- in the lower 14 percentile -- and thus she could be easily persuaded. He told jurors that "she's not the brightest of all people."

Frumkin said Salman is more vulnerable than the average person, which makes her prime for a false confession.

* * *
A score of 70 is widely accepted as a marker of mental disability, but medical professionals say people who score as high as 75 can be considered intellectually disabled because of the test's margin of error. [Telegraph]
* * *
Salman was born on May 26, 1986 in San Pablo, California, as the eldest of four daughters to Muslim Palestinian Arab immigrants; Bassam Abdallah Salman (d. 2015) and Ekbal Zahi, a grocery store owner. Her family emigrated to California from Ramallah in the 1970s.
* * *
The two previous studies of an IQ for Palestine summarized in the introduction gave estimates of 86 and 83.3. The two estimates are in close agreement and were averaged to 84.6 by Meisenberg and Lynn (2011) and Lynn and Vanhanen (2012). The present result gives an IQ of 85 and is in close agreement with the results of the two previous studies. We consider that the best estimate for an IQ for Palestine now available is obtained by averaging the three results to give an IQ of 84.8.
[Intelligence 47:10-11 November 2014 (PDF)]

[11 Uncomfortable Facts About How IQ Affects Your Life]
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