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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2018

Man Blames God For Man's Ignorant Acts

There is much you can't see until you have entered within. Theorists remain on the outside cleverly abstaining from the essentials of life.

Waiting is death. Arguments for waiting are sins against life for which one pays eternally, creating simmering Hells on earth. The self-punished gnash teeth and act out their furious anger on others insisting on being accepted and making others share their pain. Hurting demons remain unquenched and lurk wishing to lash out.

We have prayer so worry can be easily discharged. It's closely related innovation of scapegoats let us blame the external to help forget. Gods were invented to attribute causes for the unknown so instead of spending centuries enthralled in pointless speculation of the unknowable, we can ascribe great mysteries to the gods and get ourselves back to focusing on our need for wise action to create Heaven.

Ambivalence is a gateway to positivism, and eventually comfort with discomfort and ignorance. Rather than be distant and wary of them, you know how a man worthy of your own respect would act: know their faces, look them in the eye, and do what is needed to set the situation straight. Disregarding cheap treats in favor of results makes the taste of bitter pills a reminder that soon your work will yield a better order, and the unpleasant labor easily within your power will be forgotten while its fruits flourish.

As noble soul, handle yourself accordingly. Whatever comes to you is deserved and within your abilities to handle, and you'll be gone soon forever anyway, so no need to impotently stall as if nothingness is your essence and a better use of your abilities than exhibiting refined somethingness.

First you master the contours of reason, using their guiding principles and turning against rigid dependency requiring impossible completeness. Decisions do not need more information or a formal statement of purpose; merely a form of possibility that your force can shape into value, just as millions of others have previously achieved.

You are guaranteed nothing. Most people are inept and fail, like most nations. Rather than equal to the incapable, you seek a positive outcome.

Men invented romance to enchant the mind beyond merely practical aims, for material goals would be a death stall. All high culture flows from this helpful dreaminess, from music imagined into existence, to poetry serving no direct purpose in showing the soul dancing, to philosophy making sense of humanity's paths and follies.

On the surface, many games appear silly, and if measured and played at face value they are. But those games are just one form that allows us to infuse character, both animating a rough scaffolding to match our spirit and display ourselves to others so we can merge passions for an aim. Those who begrudge the form and don't play the game change nothing, thereby missing the point.

The apparent form is not the actual purpose, and the value of the whole is more often in what the act incorporates and sustains as second order results, rather than the direct implication of acts that often go unseen by being so banal.

The stated form is merely pretense, which is an illusion.

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