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  February 15, 2019

Churches Need a Replacement Congregation

Walls are effective and help stop illegal immigration and the anchor baby scheme to make citizens out of people with no ties to a nation. Powers relying on illegal immigration rationally want walls prevented so the flow of replacement citizens continues unopposed. Beneficiaries of illegals call opposition to illegality "immoral", while those moralists just want to milk that exploitation for gain while foisting its cost on the public.

With US church attendance dropping precipitously, church management desperately seeks a way to fill empty churches to restore their power and find a new donation pool to help fund God. Church leadership has accepted population replacement as fait accompli and strive to make it so, attempting to restructure their religious business to third-world patrons and its brainwashed stooges rather than return their focus to upholding an unchanging tradition that they promoted until a generation ago.

In their statement, DiNardo and Vasquez said the wall was a “symbol of division and animosity” between the United States and Mexico.

[Fences between neighbors aren't established out of animosity. Holy liars and frauds.]

“We remain steadfast and resolute in the vision articulated by Pope Francis that at this time we need to be building bridges and not walls,” they added.

Having alienated the current population of the US who see no future in what the churches now stand for, the church is going all in on the bet that citizens will be replaced with obedient passive people eager to be authoritatively controlled and tolerant of manipulation.

“While countries have a duty to ensure that immigration is orderly and safe, this responsibility can never serve as a pretext to build walls and shut the door to migrants and refugees,” Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas said.

Lacking a message for people of Western civilization and totally unhelpful in helping family formation for the existing population, churches have become advocates of migrants and refugees in as large numbers possible so they can have a new audience for a new message constructed for that group.

After abandoning the timeless, they are just a modern marketing machine trying to create a new situation so they can exploit it for money and power.

They are private moralists who believe that which benefits them is good, and that holding them responsible for their actions is bad. Their claims of a moral stance are as bankrupt as their demand that the population be replaced so they can benefit from people easier to control to their favor.

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