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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 4, 2019

Renounce to Satisfy Fantasy

Every few years, they will have you revise your past renunciations to account for the flagellating fashion of the day, and add new renunciations for previously uttered words and actions that were done in honesty, innocence, or humor, but are now part of recreational outrage and must be taken seriously to crush dissent of important symbolic territory.

Your must make an ostentatious public display of obedience to lies and stupidity so that your independence does not disrupt the fantasy they want to make look realistic. You must express opinions that are dishonest and stupid in accordance with their demands.

They will want you to donate to their charities and shame others into making this level of self-harm and groveling the norm. Of course you should hate yourself for whatever insanity grips fragile nutcases today.

Their concerns must come at your cost. Your lack of conformity is a threat, so you must be destroyed or made impotent. Only the self-hating and clawless are safe to be left uncontrolled and allowed to live freely.

You will be made to pay with money, loss, and humiliation. You will volunteer labor for your destruction and replacement by those who hate you. You will fund organizations that are your ideological enemies, taking your tax money to support aims contrary to your interests.

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