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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 1, 2019

Technology Becomes Metaphor

You notice the multitudes fail because they do not think realistically. In place of plain analysis, they use technological metaphors that come with implied tolerance or praise of their actions and relationship to humanity, rather than objective scrutiny that might lead to avoiding obviously bad choices.

They will say life is just a game because they spend many hours playing video games and watching men throw balls to each other. Accumulating irrelevant scores and seeing characters move around worthlessly seems normal to them. They abstain from meaningful action.

Prolific entertainment options steal time and focus while making depressed. Who watches shows except the uninspired and those willing to let their souls die in spectatorship? Without purpose, you'll need to binge eat garbage to get obese and loudly signal failure that repulses aspiring humanity so they are not pulled towards your drowning.

Artificial sweeteners are called good because they are chemical technology, though they make you as fat as drinking soda and juice. Lots of drugs are needed to zone out and prevent mental anguish that would result from awareness of the paltry way of living and the decisions that went into its current state. Rather than reverting back to better choices, just paralyze your consciousness and lie cleverly.

In need not just of positive role models indicating desirable directions you could choose for yourself and the rewards of doing so, but also of negative role models reminding of consequences from popular decisions chosen by dummies. You could gain abilities, health, and knowledge -- or atrophy, grow unhealthy, and bind yourself to failure.

As you become addicted, depressed, or obese, you will eat more garbage and watch more entertainment, dawdling as you mentally disconnect from what your actions are doing to yourself. You deny the past, deny how life was for your grandparents, and deny possibility within your grasp to attain. Rather than take the effort for success, it's easier to consume and invent crazy explanations.

Such strange remedies! The more you try their solutions to nature's beckoning, the more you need. And if you skip them, you have no need for them -- which is why advertising and social normalization is needed to overcome a lack of interest from those who are active with pursuits they do not want sabotaged.

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