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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 25, 2019

Unsolicited Advice for Young Men

Fail big. Look far and take bold swings. You might knock it out of the park or miss terribly, and best to do so early when stakes are low. All attempts are better than hesitation.

Questions of duration: How will you use your energy? Others will try to capture your time for their gain, thereby immobilizing you. Later you will be accountable to yourself and family for misspent labor. Only wise investments pay dividends.

Wide surveys, willfully spending great sums of time and sometimes money in order to experimentally derive results that answer a series of small questions definitively, unlocking paralyzing uncertainty and revealing new landscape so you can continue onward. Deep and uncharted plunges into murky waters are one way to try out what seems possible and show some of what might be on the other side.

You can get to the root of what something really is by any means necessary, including unconventional improvisations and dubious ethics. You must endure prolonged desolation as you are estranged from the timid who dare not quest and will only misunderstand your efforts. Alone with no easy answers, you find how wide and uncanny the world is as you take in its essence piece by piece. Holding no strong beliefs needing defense, driven by wonder and will, you have many chances to flirt with new discoveries while egolessly risking oneself time and time again.

Abandoning all preconceptions and unable to take seriously any fixed rules or bourgeois leadership, you have been forsaken in a strange world and time from which your spirit has necessarily defected. Now you start over, careful to exile familiar explanations lacking veracity.

You are to be your own man, not the play actor of someone else's personality. However, try on other outfits and costumes to see that they are just part of a pose and what that pose consists of, and how it relates to your true center. You will also better know the actors who use those costumes and thereafter find their attempts at portraying archetypes to be amusingly clumsy as a third-rate scam.

Rush into difficulties and unpleasantries to become familiar with how they play out and understand their initial bitter sting is not a big deal, and thus lose fear of them, reactivity, desire to stir up drama, and disproportionate concern when facing them. You are a durable creature quite able to withstand such blows. A new trouble is just one more modest chore to set straight, not an event of great importance.

Do not seek refuge and fantasies in supposing what things should be, assuming the rational way others should behave to somehow make the world other than it is. Accept that what stands is a proper representation of its current nature and uncover the reasons for that rather than striving to argue against what is plainly before you and can only exhibit its particular characteristics.

Do not seek peace but rather conflict and struggle so that battlelines are clarified as well as the motives of their actors. Ever centered, remembering: that which is valuable is rare. How do men fight for those worthwhile spoils? Then: how are these battles won and how can you sharpen your skills to be victorious in these fights?

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