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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 18, 2019

Automating Evil

In traditional civilizations, evil is primarily a manifestation of stupidity, not motivated from malevolence as depicted in entertainment products. From stupidity, one is psychologically and spiritually imbalanced from which they slouch towards depravity, greed, selfishness, and other errors that look away from the consequences they are creating.

William Wildblood considers whether the IT revolution has been demonically inspired, as they usher in the madness of unreality, artificiality, and inhumanity while being strongly associated with addiction, surveillance, distraction, and loss of vitality. Computers stifle the magic that created civilization, and thus seem an encircling demonic force bringing about humanity's downfall.

Our technology is unapologetically stupid, yet is dominant as it replaces human judgment; thereby automating stupidity as it bypasses scrutiny and reorients purpose to that of the device.

Big Tech removes humans from decisions, such as automating complaints so a few complainers can get any communication they oppose banned by reporting it as illegal. Idiotic implementations independently reproduced throughout all popular social media products assume there is a real problem rather than a few crazed monkeys trying to squash an idea, and without bothering to gradually become aware or heal the error instead reliably empower the spirit of fools to use the technology against humanity for purposes its creators did not intend but also don't care to restrain. Modern technology has no notion of preparation for the resilience amongst the world's chaotic unknowns or general fitness for purpose.

The same approach to design can be anticipated as built-in to robot weapons, which will automate accidental mass killings or liquidate people communicating the wrong ideas in accordance with local jurisdictions.

You could even instigate robot weapons by putting a vinyl print of an object approved for bombing on the house of your enemy, and the smart robot will dutifully destroy their family and blame the algorithm for the designer's automated evil.

What is developed for military use inevitably is deployed on civilians. The tools used by demons to sway elections and addict people to social media so they look at advertisements are certain to cause untold atrocities from defective short-sighted thinking that is now the unchecked norm in Big Tech.

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