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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 12, 2019

Hong Kong Will Be Crushed

Hong Kong has separated from its Western oppressors, and with it Western norms and standards.

Human rights and civil rights are a European invention for Europeans, and vanish under the scrutiny of non-European systems. As Europeans are replaced, so too will their inventions be replaced by standards of the third-world. This progress should be embraced, not artificially preserved for non-Europeans.

Without Europeans there is little purpose for preserving free expression. Critiques of government incompetence will be brutally punished. Censorship, propaganda, and force will prevail with no means of opposition.

The public will be monitored by cameras and disappeared in the night for expressing dissident opinions.

Automated surveillance will ensure communication complies with state opinion or be silenced and meet severe consequences. Police officers might harass and arrest, but increasingly social credit systems will simply tally negative points to remove the dissident from bank accounts, credit cards, jobs, communication, and travel rights. All will be taught to quietly obey instead of critically assessing the situation around them with imperiling rational critiques.

Citizens have no right to discuss consequences. They are to be programmed with a deluge of nearly identical media instilling opinions and interpretation so consumers are mentally stunted and internalize what they hear instead of thinking and freely developing ideas.

Curated interpretations keep citizen subjects in line.

Do not speak of freedom when you lack a right to express yourself. The state will decide what you can say and do. Your job is to obey so you do not have to face the consequences of being an enemy to democracy.

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