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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 17, 2019

Working Forward

Begin with water from northern mountains. This is tasty and fulfilling. Store in glass or stainless steel, never touching plastic. Paper and wood are safe for interacting. Shill scientists will happily say there is no evidence indicating harm from strange new chemicals, which might be true for decades because it will take a while to gather definitive information. However, there is needless risk without benefit for being exposed to unknown chemicals. Maybe you can filter some of what your evolution has never previously been exposed to.

You like fruit and vegetables, but now they are enhanced with pesticides, so you have become a science experiment like billions of others that no one claims responsibility for. They put xenoestrogens in your lotions, shampoo, and food to supercharge your estrogen.

It's nice there's no Bisphenol A in that plastic container, but its replacements might be worse and it still has dozens of other harmful compounds that leech into your drink so you can add endocrine disruptors and billions of plastic particles to your biology. By rejecting glass containers we already invented, you help ruin soil by spreading plastics and chemicals.

After a period of 30 days in the presence of HDPE, which is commonly used in the production of plastic bottles and carrier bags, they found that rosy-tipped earthworms (Aporrectodea rosea) lost on average 3.1% of their weight.

In comparison, the earthworms living in control conditions, without added microplastics, saw their weight increase by 5.1% over the 30-day period.

The chemical plant cost hundreds of millions to establish and can't be closed just for suggestion of harm. It has to recoup fixed costs until it can defer to insurance settlements, so will stretch out the period of exposure while it keeps pushing needless poison on consumers.

The industry group runs interference saying there is no proof, which is technically true though indications increasingly point to problems, but there is no halting. A decade or two later it's clear this chemical was a great danger, but there is no process for limiting or ensuring chemical safety before they are unleashed upon the public, and hard to avoid unless you stick to those proven by time.

We can roll back to the time of your grandparents, who had unified communities, loving families, few chemicals, and no social media -- norms for all previous historic time periods, including the superior ones.

Removing modernity also removes obesity, mental illness, and numerous other maladies. High fructose corn syrup and seed oils weren't omnipresent in foods as replacements for normal ingredients just to make a profit while creating public health hazards.

There was no dependence on pharmaceuticals because the conditions for them hadn't be created yet by progress. And if one is made miserable by having their society degraded and meaning of life destroyed, drugs fail to restore to previous conditions but only dull the individual into tolerate for their wretched situation. If made fat because they eat too much junk food, pills will help them maintain their weight but never address the underlying behavior. What madness to perpetuate medical conditions without resolution!

Once launched it cannot be undone. Territory is ceded to disaster, written off, making more precious what has been left alone unexposed to progress.

Manic urges compel experimentation on the human race by untested results with unknown side-effects lasting potentially forever, replacing perfectly sound natural growth with inferior defects. Nature can endure some damage and rebuild but we normally want to foist this vast wreckage on our enemies rather than ourselves.

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