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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 19, 2019

Making a New Life

You can take on two or three transformative activities in a year. Each takes some time and effort for its fruits to develop, otherwise if approached with half devotion you are just occupying time without setting yourself up for the benefits of cultivating new skills.

Some skills take several years to fully show, but visible roots will already be established after the first year.

  • Removing sugar and sugary foods from your diet, e.g. juice, candy, junk
  • Becoming capable in a musical instrument
  • Effective physical exercise for health and physique
  • Gaining skills in a martial art
  • Learning another language
  • Cooking well
  • Gardening for food, aesthetics, and balance with nature

Why remain modern, i.e. passively being a person who has atrophied without basic awareness of how to do anything in the world, and has no skills other than staring at screens for hours and reacting to what others do?

You could spend the next five years doing nothing, or you could develop excellent abilities that will be rewarding for the rest of your life and establish substance instead of being just another watcher.

How would you like the future to play out?

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