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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 3, 2019

It's Simpler Than That

How might you fix errors you have chosen?

Not theory -- that is already overcomplicating the natural.
Not rituals -- those are for making time, not untying knots.
Not excuses -- counter-examples demonstrate attainability and its prerequisites.
Not pithy sayings -- words numb to manipulate people into agreeably without action.

Complicated schemes are evasion trying to convince of impossibility, inventing constraints that aren't there. Doctrine constructs another crooked religion.

You have deviated from health. How to return?
1. Cease your deviation (performing the non-essential)
2. Return to the model (attaining your essentiality)

Your absences are several, and you are likely too dishonest and ignorant to see them. Nevertheless, means of self-awareness must be devised, for you are unlikely to randomly encounter gifts such as honest feedback.

Your excesses are several, and you have grown accustomed to them as a comfortable habit and how they cut you off from much. You deem them normal, even optimal, unable to imagine a beyond from your practiced obstructions. From laziness, fear, and greed you do not wish to discard dead weights.

Will you be stalled by indecision? How could you be other than you are?

Without thinking: Everything is already what it is and needs no explanation. Now you try to think up a way of explaining that it is not itself, and has unusual invisible properties and relations you can somehow see. What kind of clever fools think this way? Social expositions tell amusing stories purporting insight; never results.

The universe has something else to show you, if you could only look away from yourself and see undistorted simplicity.

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