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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 11, 2019

Gimme Danger

The masses gather in the middle and huddle together to feel safe. Safety is an illusion that promises nothingness, as if it had power over wild nature. Unless your spirit is beaten into docility, you don't really want a safe nothing.

Everything the crowd does is a uninspired copy stolen from other dull uninspired people who are their spiritual models. Fools emulate and imprint upon one another out of dishonesty, lack of character, and inability to conceive better possibilities. Error stacks upon error constructing frailty.

At the edges there is no precedent. Anything can happen, and there is fresh territory to explore and settle in accordance with one's will. Here there is danger, which also means opportunity. Cruel dispositions might curse their enemies to never experience a chance outside the gates.

After a few experiences, you leave convention behind, and begin throwing yourself into danger because of the alluring opportunity it promises. Why have a safe nothing when you could have something you really want, so long as you can brave danger?

Some are driven to explore the dark forests, empty deserts, unknown mountains, and vast bodies of water, all of which are known to capriciously pluck lives, but do so judiciously by rewarding the many who prevail. We are durable and wish to live in truth of this, not cooped up in shitty apartments of vast anonymous cities of convenience where nothing interesting happens and all are domesticated into observers of pointless transactions and happy lies that offend no one.

We thrust into danger and enjoy its best fruits.

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