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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2019


Rejoice, for the world you have been shown is a fraud!

The path remains open; obstructed and cluttered, but not entirely blocked. Wide gleams continue to show the eternal way, though the wicked wish to lure away your view to pointless distractions and blunt your will into slumber and death.

Young adults growing into the world are spun into confusion, doubt, and depression that leaves them childless and abandoned.

Talk and pictures fixate on crazed invocations to break their spirit and make the young believe there is no future for them, society, civilization, or children they would have.

As they withdraw from life to consume products and substances, they look away to forget, seeking numbness from this horrific promise of despair.

But this promised despair is all bluff. Little of what you see if real; most is just a show of insanity and malice deliberately pushing lies to cause despair.

The merchants of misery wage war against the cheer of good spirits.

Accordingly, you can largely dismiss and ignore their scare tactics, for no truth has changed in 10000 years, and no parade of mentally deranged fools should change your opinions or impair your will.

The same things your last 100 generations have done, you must do as well. This is as natural as the seasons and now you must do so while not letting griefers pull you into their negativity.

The unhealthy and failed wish to bring the healthy to ruination, creating equality by removing excellence. They agitate for chaos and instability as they fantasize about our liquidation.

New machines serve the wicked, built in their image and as stupid as their plans -- thusly totally beatable -- and falsely portrayed as mighty in propaganda encouraging normal people to give up and yield to the wicked.

Nature remains resilient and fresh spirits gradually rise to the fore. Our mission is to preserve a space of sanity so that some remain unbroken. From this base, gradual expansion of this territory and seeding the wild will win more space.

Regeneration takes many disconnected cycles appropriate to the pace of the situation.

We fight because what we have experienced is worth continuing onward and shall not be extinguished. We see weakness in our enemies and know we are made of enduring substance that shall prevail for countless generations onward.

Rejoice, for the world they wish to show you is a fraud!

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