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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 22, 2020

Play With Satan

Through temptation you can elicit authentic reaction so that pretenders show themselves as they actually are. May your lures ensnare terrible truths.

Engaging in fight betrays unreformed impairments. You trust none shall hobble you, but are you sure you're sure? With stone composure, you stir turmoil so it can be present before you for active assessment. How else do you know that you can survive battles with chaos and disorder? And if you can, what possible force in the world could present a problem?

Thus you welcome the most difficult situations, opponents, and treachery so that certitude of overcoming is your first thought upon recognizing difficulty and opposition. It presents no danger you have not already defeated countless times before. How puny its threats, how few and weak its weapons, how blustering its pathetic tactics that will quickly collapse.

We know the work of evil. While we do not intend to feed evil, neither do we crusade in hunt to strike it out at every instance. We observe and recognize substance, and for that sometimes we must use unconventional techniques to draw out what hides in the shadows, so we play with the demonically possessed to coerce them to show us their true sides.

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