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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 15, 2020


When you are ready to ride, no fear can dissuade or linger very long.

You have internalized your task as necessity, whether or not it really is, and fulfill it as destiny, come what may. Doubt was obliterated, and then hesitation had no home.

Arguments no longer hold relevance; disregardable as the squawking of neurotics staying so safe they do nothing.

Analysis consumes time but yields no new ideas and must therefore be put aside as distraction. The way out of stalemate is to throw yourself into action made inevitable without regard for a careful categorization of its parts and how mortals judge them.

Shortcut of shortcuts: a great victory needs no dissection and blame -- and certainly not before an impassioned attempt -- only a later retelling to those who love brave feats and audacious spirits who dare.

Since you will be doing it, considerations of not doing it are silly theorizing about imaginary worlds unworthy of being entertained seriously. Why would you not do what is possible and worth striving for?

How easy is every task when you focus only on completing it well, with no worry about infinite dangers you might face along the way. Gnats and pests are no surprise and will be trodden underfoot and overcome, properly seen as small annoyances, not incredible forces to drive you back to retreat. Usually there is only silent stillness revealing most menaces as conjured illusions.

Affirmation and deed lift everything heavy, banishing dread so you can willfully go headfirst into the irrefutable.

Placing big bets on your effort for victory somehow taps greater capabilities, encouraging you to go all in and win your prize rather than dithering.

Sometimes it seems the universe's accountant is at his core an equitable fellow willing to put more than a thumb on the scales when measuring the good who devote themselves to appropriate fates.

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