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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 31, 2020


The entertainment industry rates its products as excellent and important. They never stop clamoring about how great it is to stare at a screen watching a contrived plot already shown a 100 times before, and normalize watching weird entertainment products, such as monotone news talkers or men throwing a ball to one another. They want this to be the center of your existence, which robs your time and money while draining your spirit for life.

At first this looks like an scam where the industry conspires to pump their idiotic products and makes them the standard over superior alternatives. Those who generate repetitive uncreative products ("creatives") seem to be shilling for their industry to encourage consumption of their category of products so it seems normal to watch things and quell curiosity about the natural world.

But then you must consider that participants in the entertainment industry might just be average people with average preferences. They create gossip and distractions because that is an accurate representation of their consciousness. When they get together to talk about what they find interesting in the world, their only thoughts are to praise entertainment distractions. They could be entirely honest, and thus honorable in their communication because they are telling you the best they know, only blinded by not realizing that not everyone suffers their condition.

Like our elites, entertainment creators have no knowledge of anything good in civilization and have never experienced anything but varying flavors of degeneracy, so all they can do is praise the trivial as the best thing they can conceive as possible.

Who are we to insist they consider something beyond their ability to appreciate?

All we can reasonably expect is for someone to reach their potential and authentically reflect it. In their natural habitat, each will exhibit their predilections. Accordingly, we must forgive them and look away when they are loud, for they can do no better.

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