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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 15, 2020

No Lessons Learned

Often the past is simply gone and there are no lessons to learn from its events. You cannot undo them, so must accept that they were, and continue onward. If you have taken damage, you must rebuild -- for future battles await.

No grand narrative holds.

With nothing to learn, there is little need to reflect upon it. It collapsed from randomness, ignorance, or whatever inane causes. More simply, it had no possible path to victory. From the start it was a losing effort, leaving nothing worth consideration.

Better to align with ascension, focusing on what your efforts can achieve rather than trying to salvage anything from a mess of ruination. It didn't hold, and the whole is faulty. You are too comfortable with this wreckage. Flee disaster and build elsewhere.

We get caught up thinking there's something valuable in every hope, but most attempts are stillborn schemes with unrealistic plans and inadequate parts unfit for purpose. You must build upon this earth with what your hands can raise, and not get lost dreaming beyond your abilities and will to perform the necessary.

You can put on an academic hat and spend years studying failure, but there's only poverty to gain.

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