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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 10, 2020

Grovel For Mob Justice

They want you contradicted and nullified so your efforts end up for naught and your energy is spent upon destruction rather than creation.

You may not sustain truth and reveal light for the way forward. You are requisitioned to repeat nonsensical neologistic slogans as catechisms. Nature abhors a vacuum and the elimination of wacky religious ideas reemerges with brutal interest in the form of a secular religion with preposterous ideals and fantastical claims of salvation.

No rational criticism is allowed, nor data, nor reasoned study, nor considerations of obvious consequences of tolerating mob madness.

No honest conversation is permitted, only agreement with phony discourses and narratives. Everything in public is fake and astroturfed to seem as if it has wide support, but is just a facade base built for thieving.

Dissent from totalitarianism will be met with whatever people do, i.e. mobs stirred up by propaganda so incompetent politicians aren't revealed as useless schemers having no realistic offerings to improve society.

The mob wants you grovelling and humiliated, ruined and broken with no option but to publicly declare total devoted belief in conspiracy theories trotted out by activists hungry for power and plundering all they can take from dupes and appeasers.

Nothing productive here, just envy seeking recompense through destruction.

Whatever you give is never enough. If you yield to ransom demands, they demand evermore. They either don't notice that giving doesn't fix whatever problem they claimed to be concerned with, or perhaps the real purpose of the demand is to create an imposition: that you are made to suffer from their ascent to power to match how nature has cruelly imposed suffering upon them. Their spirit is pleased when you suffer watching your civilization be dissolved into tyrannical disorder and irrationality.

They only measure in mob appeal -- and never measure quality, because decline is obvious and they are accelerating it to leave all pauperized in obliteration.

The political class won't get us closer to having a society capable of writing great symphonies or philosophy again, or even more modest goals like keeping most of our communities separate from accumulating ruin.

They aren't champions of civilization or excellence. They are just surfing erosive mob waves with increasingly crazy policy offerings without worry for the growing jetsam.

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