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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 11, 2020

No Answers

No one has interest, need, or time for particular answers. Notice how they do whatever they feel like -- or stall forever justifying inaction with clever explanations for perpetual delay and proclamations of impossibility.

The separation of information and action is liberating. You are free to act now if you care about accomplishing something in the short time remaining, for it will soon be too late to do anything. If you keep waiting, your forever will turn to nothingness despite all that was once in reach. Refine the details of your efforts while on your journey.

Let those who need answers pay the costs for them and determine for themselves how the world works, as shortcuts only leave them with a foreign map and atrophying abilities.

You should spend several years failing at relationships, business ventures, and other attempts that only later are understood as unsound, best proven by achieving great success through better awareness in the same areas previously met with failure. Revenge by creating excellence and defeating disasters of all types.

Any answers need to be abstracted and refocused to the form of reasoning rather than any specific narrow facts, thereby lending a manner of evaluation as its lasting instruction suitable to yet unseen problems. The structure of reasoning and how to quickly ascertain its essential underlying anatomical functionality allows penetration for a clear understanding of how a system operates, and thus a reference for its problems or misuse, no matter the specifics.

Such answers allow one to survey a situation to measure its attributes and deficiencies, effectively foreseeing its outcome and providing a means to set things right.

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