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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 1, 2020

Depravity Signaling

George Carlin famously quipped that after considering how stupid the average person is, you must then consider that half the people are stupider than that.

This realization casts an odd light on immigration that favors unskilled people with an IQ in the 80s while the economy is in need of skilled, educated workers capable of high cognitive load. Worse, with heritability of IQ recently measured as 86%, the replacement population with low intelligence could be expected to need public assistance for the infinite duration of their lineage.

Many natives are addicted to entertainment rendering them checked out with consumption and perpetually distracted so they cannot track reality. Accordingly, they are unsuccessful and frustrated, which they explain by blaming the world for personal failures.

This army of retards and rejects is wielded by pied piper leaders for assault against civilization. The lost are freely gathered, easy to wind up, and direct to destroy targets with the promise of removing standards and rational evaluation. Great fantasies are promised to the angry and envious. Mobs smash those who do not loudly utter the slogans of the moment and the rude people that ask questions about schemes to hollow out society.

What constituency is better to rule over than the mentally ill and spiritually broken? Their despondency can be stirred to rage against normal people and the fragile fabric that allows society to function in the 10% of the world that is civilized.

Rebel leaders work with their allies to raze humanity, deliberately creating the conditions that splinter society and encourage a state of individual disability.

Battered and lost, they never find the world, but only other maimed creatures who fail to see the agents of wickedness separating them from the joys of life all previous generations inherently possessed because they were not interrupted and steered towards chaos and crazed ideas.

By their ruination, you shall know them.

We must remember: these are very damaged people who have been guided by lies for much of their lives. They dwell in trauma still, brutalized; their morale broken and desirous of opiatic fantasies for relief. They do not want realistic comprehension because that saddles them with negativity reminding them of their unsuitability. They live only for the soothing lies by which their controllers harness them for destructive aims.

Protesters want to tear down everything because they think it's worthless, and their valid experience affirms that.

They've never heard good music, read a good book, or known anything meaningful or fulfilling. Their idols are frauds promising Utopian revolutions for profit taken from others. They toil pointlessly, having never done anything interesting or discovered anything worthwhile.
They have fallen to materialism, seeking personal profit and false assurance that such theft can be provided to them by warlords who care surely pick off a few golden geese before there is nothing left in a barren wasteland should the revolution succeed.

Everything protesters have ever done has made things worse, and they've never sized up well with any challenge in life. This pressure, combined with delusional measurement of reality, has made them hateful, envious, and mentally unstable. Still worse, they are unable and unwilling to consider how society will function after their attacks, nor do they care for the wreckage accumulated, as leveling to a lower equality with fewer peaks of excellence is their goal.

Not everyone can win in life, and half are below average -- a brutal reckoning upon realization that positive efforts only begin at two standard deviation above average and need four for positive significance.

Losers have need to wreck everything and start over, believing that as the only triumph available for their type. History reminds that loser revolts depend on liquidating the capable to remove competition and keep the masses dependent on the state. Total control over movement and expression must be enforced so no one can escape to freedom and no critical idea can be communicated. The new state deploys armed guards at borders so no citizen can escape servitude. The people are made equal and classless as they are forced together to suffer misery at the hands of a depraved and stupid ideology.

All must be forced in thrall to the controllers, whose first move after establishing control of security forces is to personally plunder centuries of accumulated wealth built by people with cultivated abilities. Not only do the new rulers enjoy confiscated wealth from hollowing out the economy into an infertile husk, they are also example from the tyrannical rules imposed on the masses.

Retrospectives of revolutions reveal them as simple coups that incite manipulation of compliant dolts so a few new leaders can become rich by theft. The healthy conditions of abundance are replaced by excuses and blame, with wealth enough only for the revolutionary leaders while the masses forced into impoverished backwards conditions.

The revolutionary politburo desires a constituency of inept losers unable to resist. Variation must be stamped out. Compliance is mandatory and instilled by propaganda. The independent thinker is the enemy that must be neutralized so he cannot point out their errors and demonic depravity. No one is permitted to question to privileged explanations of the state because that would encourage the public to realize mass fraud perpetuated by liars.

Revolutionary ideology is more authoritarian than any religious fundamentalist state, and its mindless catechisms are regarded as sacrosanct teachings worthy of conformity, despite being only tools with which to rule over subjects. All must praise these regime's beliefs in public, though everyone knows they are lies. The point is to control the masses to keep all subdued and enslaved to powerful authorities who can silence, imprison, or liquidate those who ignore or dissent from state enforced ideology -- or worse, critique its crippling injustice and harm to civilization.

Slogans about excellence inflame because they lack spiritual sense of greatness. They are proles who from instinct consider degradation normal and always existing, rather than an engineered condition merely reflecting modernity.

Excellence is secondarily offensive because it posits quality as measure and they are certain they will not fare well under such scrutiny. Their personal lives are a mess. They are from broken families, are socially awkward, dull in mind, eager for the ease of senseless slogans, besieged by meaningless fragments, and unable to sustain healthy relationships. They live as vultures scavenging rotten scraps, distanced from what is good in life, and blaming others for their situation.

They have been duped with cheap counterfeits. Their subset of society is Game of Thrones, reality shows, sports, video games, porn, and Hollywood movies. Their cuisine is Taco Bell and frozen dinners. Of course they want to tear down society, thinking they are living its pinnacle while in reality they have made a home in cultural poverty. There's nothing in their existence worth saving because they've chosen to live amongst garbage, consuming garbage, which enrages them when they notice others have escaped this and left that programming long behind to choose better alternatives.

The junk food and entertainment products consumed by proles are meant for idiots -- like poisoned sugar for cockroaches -- as are the ideologies of losers mad at the world, blaming people who achieve good results instead of dwelling in failure and dependency. They are effectively owned by the ruling class, having submitted to insane doctrine and willing to protest on behalf of impairing degeneracy.

Nowhere is this more cheekily shown than by training zombie protesters to dance to choreographed protests using revolutionary messages funded by giant corporations.

Proles are undisciplined and unfocused, coming up with lazy explanations for problems that don't match the actual state of the world. This approach leaves them clueless when they dig themselves into a deep hole. In frustration, they blame the world and all who reject the popular delusions they have internalized as a foundation.

Social chatter about fictional concepts is treated the same as rational action. Lost in words, they imagine insults, manipulation, and destruction as the same as building something complex and thoughtful.

Proles have been taught success is impossible, so when they see successful people they accuse them of cheating instead of understanding how normal people acquire skills, conceive plans toward a goal, and then work incrementally to complete their vision. This process is foreign to them and cannot be believed.

Consider the situation of revolutionaries and have some empathy for those who have never encountered anything good. You need to understand why for them the destruction of civilization does not seem a loss. Being incapable of doing much with their talents, they are easy marks to be sold a dream of revolution from which rebel leaders hope to get personally rich by wielding a mob to destroy centuries of civilization and usher in a permanent dark age.

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