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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 8, 2020


For those not energized by random drama overtaking all other events, happiness follows from stability, with all things perfectly in place. We are disturbed when situations go bad, i.e. stability is disrupted and now we are pulled away from our effort just to return things to a normal state.

Neither do we enjoy loss, from which previous ability has been removed and must be rebuilt. We have slipped backwards and need to perform work already done before to restore our previous state.

Drama is violence. We are not amused or interested in someone's personal emotional disorder or stupid reactions. They have created an imposition and pushed the unwelcomed cost upon us.

We are not looking for free lunches; merely to hold on to what we have created for ourselves our family and remain unmolested by an appearance that is another tax without benefit. As usual, those with nothing have nothing to lose, and drama is exciting to the disordered and thoughtless.

Just as revolutionaries who wish to the clear the pieces on the board of civilization and start over from scratch because they are incapable of success in its current form and have a free lottery ticket chance to seize power and wealth in a new construction, those who love drama have no attachment to their terrible quality of life and therefore its amusements do not disrupt anything valuable.

We are not revolutionaries, and we endure loss from instability because the nature of civilization is fragile and its alternatives are dismal.

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