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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 29, 2020

Gossip Chatter

The court jester offered his opinion about the situation, which was then reported by the chatter delivery mechanism as luminary insight, since its originator was a popular communicator of jokes using puns, stereotypes, and imitations in a comic style.

Elsewhere a theatre actor gave her opinion; similarly well founded because they had gained fame and wealth by faking the personality of fictional characters with such aplomb as to sometimes convince spectators of the illusion despite their awareness.

Other gossipers were quoted by the town newspaper. John who lives on the corner and is a carpenter of mediocre skill expressed his emotional opinion and wild reaction to one side's interpretations. He doesn't know how life will ever be good again unless everyone conforms to what he has been told he wants.

Amy the innkeeper is outraged and emphatically repeats popular opinions she was taught from the news. In her personal life she behaves in an unstable way that keeps her from ever being able to form a quality family, and that is fine because she is equal. The political statements she utters are important because she is human, even if she doesn't understand how society works, doesn't know any details about the political history of the last few centuries, and has no idea about the implications of policy choices other than the idiot fodder she consumes from media. Her vote matters because she exists.

Crowds have bulk, and that is their only means of gaining control and they try to bulldoze civilization. They demonstrate a total lack of awareness, knowledge, and ability to achieve positive results.

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