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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 9, 2020


Thousands of ants are lined up because one of their scouts sent a signal that it had found water or caloric intake that should be brought back to the nest, so legions arrive to loot the place empty of what they wanted.

Caught in the middle of their resource reallocation by humanoids, the entire mob is wiped away. A smaller second wave will respond to the previous signal a few hours later and also be entirely wiped away. A tiny third wave will follow to their doom, and then no more will follow. They cut their losses and will find a new target.

The thousands killed are as both none and infinity. They are utterly destroyed as worthless, yet no man could build one. Nature wills them forth from ineffable nothingness into their tribal armies to serve their own against all others.

Destroy a million and they resiliently rebuild eager to serve their tribe by acquiring resources and territory so they can expand onward.

In nature, all are born with dissimilar traits that ensure different outcomes. The smart and determined cluster around one outcome, the dull and impulsive create a different outcome. Without changing nature so that nothing is itself, you cannot modify nature without imposing artificial constraints to limit good or reward failure -- in either case rejecting the authentic character of each creature.

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