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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 3, 2020

Into the Fray

There is danger in all directions and no abstention available. Surely your life will not last forever. Therefore apply your efforts toward excellence, which is a far different measure than utilitarians could imagine to be of ethical primacy.

You have only sword and shield, and that is enough to more forward. So many enemies to neutralize and fight past to prevail over the sole purpose of their existence: obstruction. They do not wish to crush you so much as tie you up in distractions to prevent demonstrative counterexamples.

Knowing you will be gone forever and will enjoy no fruits of your labor, your effort is performed for kindred spirits who too desire to build further and take from your example to craft greatness never before seen. You might never meet them, some are long gone, and others not yet born, yet you share cosmic purpose and right.

Strength, beauty, and wisdom remain exalted as north stars. May the lowly be crushed before their envy levels everything through mutual ruination. May the fake and scheming be mocked for their flimsy nature. Demonstrated accomplishments tell everything.

Your labor, wealth, and natural gifts are temporary and a result of nature. Accordingly, be graciously spending them to fix the errors of the disorganized.

The strife of the confused consumes what would otherwise allow our qualitative advancement.

Others will one day find a way to return the lost to be among their own people in their own lands -- a paradise of their own making finally free of systemic oppression.

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