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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 6, 2020


Nearly everyone I grew up with is a millionaire. It happens by accident if you move with purpose and keep your head down, paying no heed to demoralizing failure propaganda.

A big increase in wealth comes after choosing a steady girlfriend or wife so you no longer leak time pursuing prospects. Competing for women consumes the most potentially productive hours a man could be using to create lifelong wealth and rewarding achievements.

Time spent talking to bored women can instead be put to use for multiplying returns. You recollect the hours gambled for a chance at a woman who hides her actual value and whose substance is likely of little value, but this can be difficult to determine without first throwing away perfectly good time for the chance to catch her unguarded and reveal herself as she actually is.

Social outings and dates keep you out late, mired in pointless conversation about nothing as you optimistically search for signs of a vivid spirit going the same direction as you.

Men beguile themselves by imagining what a woman might be, trying to convince themselves she could be wonderful, until men finally overcome romance with rationality by making it a game of cautious disqualifications. This is equally met from women with bad measurements and unrealistic assessments of the future so that they squander their best years on fools and end up settling for a different type of fool when their allure has perished.

After jettisoning random women to focus on a foundation for a future, you gain not only joyous calm but also growing wealth.

Investment statements arrive periodically reminding you that having several six-figure accounts is normal, prompting no reaction because those accounts have been growing for many years and thus are normal. A freak year with 30% returns provokes laughter at the windfall and its inevitable compounding.

One weekend while reviewing quarterly investments, you realize you've passed a million without even trying. From putting away money to fund an uncertain future, it keeps growing and several more million will arrive just as automatically.

Because it means little, most quietly hide their wealth away for the future, letting it compound year after year. There's nothing immediate you need so it fades into the background as just another abstraction.

You look amusingly at the silly women chasing silly men, one thinking they can get at conspicuous money and the other thinking that's a smart lure, as if both don't have to pay the costs of an unoriginal idea.

They could have learned so much, if only they were entirely different souls, but their useless university education was spent working in an office staffing HR or writing copy to sell Cheetos Jumbo Puffs Cheese Flavored Snacks. What a way to log the hours until their sole chance in the universe expires.

They gave it all away for the enticement of money, think it was special or rare, while they could have been doing something meaningful and made a rewarding life.

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