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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 20, 2021

Do Not Follow

Without looking for anything specific, keep your eyes peeled, taking in the multitude of stories without any judgment or presumptions. The quality and consequences of actions gradually reveals all.

From the initial pass, all that was certain was to not repeat the multitude of mistakes that others chose. Dead ends and expirations warned what to avoid. But that only told you what not to do, without the slightest instruction about how to make good choices. Sensible suggestions were lacking for stringing together a few steps to arrive at good outcomes, though many who had arrived showed the end result was surely attainable.

Youth was resistant and stubborn, forsaking numerous fertile paths from misunderstanding where they led and mistaking their time as endless, eventually leaving them to compromise for inferior paths.

In ignorant madness they severed themselves from essentiality and made a pact to deny it until it was too late to save anything.

In the midst of it, no opinion or wisdom could help counsel. They resistant were too proud to seek timeless answers; content to repeat cheap reflexive phrases answering nothing.

For this too rhetoric must be mocked, and it is fair to poke at camps promoting decline they use as shields while embracing degeneracy.

They were burned once or twice and then burned out. One need only sustain a lifetime and pace accordingly to their revitalization.

Doubt, mistreatment, misunderstandings, atrocious ideals, and dissatisfaction abraded them to smooth indistinguishability.

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