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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 15, 2021


There are two spirit archetypes that repeat throughout surveys of accidents, and seem to appear in far higher probability than those who are not destroyed by accidents.

  1. The happy-go-lucky one who tries to spread joy and a message to enjoy the day, for no future is promised. As if ironic, but also soothsayer and pragmatist, he lives by this ethos and is taken down too early by a strange but fitting accident.

    Did he foresee or know his end was soon? It seems he was mostly lecturing himself when telling others to seek happiness and spread joy while it was still possible.

  2. The uncomfortable and hostile soul never bothers to understand the world or master any part of it, taking his struggle as if the world has a grudge against him, when just as easily he could work with the nature of world and receive its rewards. He remained forever bitter and at odds with life rather than unified to enjoy its fruits.

    As if knowing he would be felled by an accident or cause his own out of dramatic frustration, he never bothers with any significant effort that would get him out of the hole he is digging, sometimes making a show of trivial efforts.

Their action and inaction prior to elimination suggests they have some hint of what is to come -- which might too be illusion.

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