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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 6, 2021

Attack With Hate

Hypocrisy is just human frailty, and thus both understandable and excusable as typical mediocrity. I could tell you endless stories about weak men who spent their whole lives passively complying, never daring anything interesting, fulfilling, honest, or heroic. They settle for dregs; their spirits long snuffed.

The deserving targets for furious hatred are those who lie about reality, whether by narratives (which are always lies), ideology (secular religion), misleading distractions (wasting our limited time with falsity), or false depictions illuminated out of stupidity or presumed advantage.

We have little interest in moral judgments. We judge by interest in truth, willful falsity, and motive to deceive.

Some have spent their whole lives trying to figure out this world and do right. Deceivers waste our time, which deprives us of life as well as quality. Accordingly, we afford no concern for theirs or their schemes, and assume they understand why their hostile acts against humanity are returned in kind.

We are temporarily marooned on a planet amongst infinity, watching capable people be replaced by redundant dummies. No nation is expected to be spared. They'll have to spend all their money supporting idiots and failures while their resources are wasted on morons. They'll never be able to escape the earth and live throughout the cosmos.

It is easy to see how we could increase our best rather than our worst, to return great works to cultural standard, to reestablish high standards as preferable over low standards, and other restorations of civilization. Liars, fools, profiteers, and deliberate deceivers work against civilization and bring degradation that undoes fragile excellence.

It is easy to destroy; hard to create. Only through a restoration of civilization and preference for good can we escape the destroyers.

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