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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 1, 2021


We felt like pioneers setting out upon open land, free to make it into the world we wanted to live. All limits were illusions broken and passed through. We became outlaws and rebels without constraint, dreamers who could not be made weary. As lovers we were propelled by intense desire bound by thoughts of foreverness.

There was no reference point for our uncharted infinite path. No one we knew had ever been close. It opened more beautiful at each step. As if perpetual spring, it was ever anew showing what could be. There was no way to doubt its demonstrations.

Much was seen that revealed popular chattered tales as myth. Through timid supposition, people consumed by fear back away from ambition and enshrine errors into firmly held beliefs. Their words were silly and their norms were lies. We did not want their condition so disregarded their assumptions, seeing through them to choose better outcomes willfully.

Reality proved to be elastic, not fixed. Flexible possibility was the only obvious constant. Resistance yielded and faded away, and seemingly would forever, so long as we expanded our world outward and were not pulled into the opinion of strangers whose only power was to kill magic.

What is more thrilling and alive than making one's way forward? Sometimes it seems others exist only to slow and blockade for the sake of ruining joy, and we had found a way to evade them.

No act is too reckless if you can cover the possible cost to win the reward. From total belief in raw will, every choice was taken for a chance at the maximal outcome.

To tame is to destroy what is naturally vivid. The tamed are soulless robots running on tracks, trained to obey arbitrary conventions without considering how they are trapped in supine senselessness. We wished to never be tamed.

Not all who wander are free spirits. Many of the lost seek tethering rather than access to a world where any fate can be made.

What others thought or wanted was their own business. Some of us do best independently. How would they understand? Nor could we expect to understand their pedestrian interests. We had already seen that every parameter could be bent far and rarely broke, and if it broke then its limit was now known. Our curiosity was innocent.

The rest of the world was small. Everything could be overcome. We had found each other and could develop our union into anything. Nothing could go wrong, for we knew the way forward. We silently oathed we would never ruin our bliss, for the dream would end, which we did not want.

This wild energy persists as long as belief holds, allowing heroic other-worldly deeds. Without faith, it collapses at once into exhaustion.

Mountains move until blanketed by doubt, and then everything exceptional becomes impossible; at best polite toleration in place of ardent passion. The accursed disappoints most of all by turning away from their dreams and settling for humdrum.

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