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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 4, 2021

Era of Error

Modernity could be called the time of sustained error. Typically, choosing erroneous behavior is followed by quick realization and then correction by separating from the wrong choice and returning to the previous state. In such instances, some time and effort is lost, but no lasting damage.

Costs and circumstances are different when almost everything around you is wrong and debilitating. This is accompanied with messages convincing people it is good, wise, optimal, and inevitable so they do not seek alternatives or qualitative improvements common in previous generations.

Most people politely tolerate degradation. Few transgress or question extended decline, which is at least a signal that leaders are incapable of serving their role as stewards of civilization.

The well-trained public follows lockstep with the social opinions of global corporations and canned speeches by reptilian politicians. This self-marginalization makes the public insignificant, as they are uncritically obeying instructions from media programming rather than forming their own thoughts. They do not scrutinize information, acquire meaningful knowledge, or understand function.

Some will paint their hair a strange color or wear a t-shirt with an pre-fabricated revolutionary slogan. This makes them feel like they are fighting a system by complying with propaganda that sustains it and neutralizes them with self-destruction.

Their opponents are strawmen and phantoms, which they loudly protest by advocating for more powerful corporate and governmental control to increase dystopia and mandate it be forced upon all for maximum harm.

The wreckage manifests as retardation and perpetual adolescence for prolonged immaturity. Many never begin upon significant actions, remaining trivial children who never take on adult thoughts or anything significant. They shy from taking worthwhile action and dwell in impotent fantasy, throwing tantrums like children making noise to no effect. When others do not indulge their nonsense, they are blamed for causing imaginary problems.

They cannot build beyond themselves, nor build themselves into anything. Rather than taking basic steps to be effective, they insist the real problem is that they are excellent and others have somehow slighted them, so they will fight back by being worthless and failing at simple tasks.

They have accepted a poisoned worldview and never realized their utter ineffectiveness to correct it in time. Many will pass through their chance to have a family, instead consuming entertainment and drugs out of madness while internalizing numerous debilitating errors and broken characteristics as normal.

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