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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 7, 2021

For Purpose, Not Efficiency

Human constructs are not only inherently faulty, but also deceptive. Idealization marries desire to believe, and then one deludes themselves that they have described a totality, when they have only described a vague reduced estimation that excludes the essential.

Organic life is leaky beyond the synthetic constraints, which bothers linear thinkers so much they deny it and double down on errors. But life much breath, and cases outside the boundary cannot be excluded.

Upon repurposing efforts for efficiency, the result becomes dull sterility. The original purpose possessed utility, and now focus has been lost.

Proselytizing for the predominance of a metric measuring efficiency and rearranging the project to serve the maximization of efficiency has turned it into an insane chase of the unneeded and wrong-headed.

Humans should not be made into meat robots serving computers via interruptions of consciousness for data collection. Neither should humans serve any process involving metrics, as some will become conscious enough to either game them to falsely prove success that doesn't exist, or will let metrics drive choices, losing touch with the original objective, enslaving to a machine world that drifts away from serving needs, justified by data that automatically selects bad results in accord with the system's logic.

Valuable feedback isn't data so much as sensitive consideration and anchoring to purpose. A majority might prefer a particular color, layout, or measurement, but thoughtful design should not yield to mob preferences. Rather, mobs should be civilized to human standards rather than pushing the obedient and those capable of conscious thought to robotic totalitarianism automated to exclude mediators and alternatives.

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