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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 5, 2021

Cutting The Fat

Fat is dead weight hauled around for no benefit, other than a last ditch long-tail save in case the supply chain fails to continue providing empty calories via candy, chips, and soda.

Every accoutrement and externality creates an additional factor to consider servicing, makes slower, and increases immobility from bulk, culminating in an indecisive mess. The contrasting ideal is naked unobstructed simplicity. Complicated obligations occupying possibility create a Hell where nothing can happen.

Under normal circumstances you strive to run lean, carrying only what is necessary and useful. You are powered by your willful ability to transform situations into desired results. Rucking weights are merely a socially constructed simulation of strife.

The extraneous must be cut out, which means avoiding the accumulation of fat while building muscle trained for purpose, typically expanded strength and endurance across dynamic movements. The irrelevant wastes energy and is judiciously renounced, for it does not belong to the future we are building.

The extraneous can by strategically bypassed rather than removed after unnecessarily accommodated. By having goals and a cultural north star, one gradually drifts away momentary fads, losing awareness of popular distractions by sharing no space with its cues. You are not opposed to whatever they are consuming or repeating -- merely unaware and if explained are unable to take such things seriously. They are transparently unimportant as the dawdling frivolity of lost souls in a slow suicide.

Resisting disalignment nudging away from the positive, you can't give much consideration to unsalvageable cases other than nodding when noticing yet another such situation. They are inevitable structural mass casualties of modernity unable to discover themselves in time to become aware of their potential. Sad. Frail souls prone to collapse crumble into rubble, unfit for purpose.

The future is built by those who do not capitulate. We keep in mind all of the beautiful things still possible. This is why we love the resilient capable of prevailing by meeting the demands of life.

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