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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 10, 2021

The Nature of Digging

Real life concerns itself with serious matters. Time is short. You are ever closer to losing your vitality, as is everything around you; each creature gradually falling into useless collapse. You only get a brief moment to choose at any juncture. The results are yours forever and cannot be undone. Pick boldly, carefully, and without hesitation! What other uniquely assembled collection of artifacts is so definitively your own?

You must quickly ascertain the actual value of things, disregarding advertised fictions uttered to scam, paralyze, and entice you to years of self-enslavement or doom.

Social life is totally different. It concerns itself with opinions, diversions, salves, fantasies, frivolous ideas, and nonsense with no regard for reality or aspirational goals. It's a total goof consisting of nothing to be taken seriously. The essential is hidden or explained away with transparent excuses as if wanting to be caught in the act of lying. It does not care to address or fix defects to make better, even when small effort will bring tremendous benefit.

Dopes shamelessly broadcast foolish thoughts and smile while doing so, knowing there will be no correction or criticism -- nor should there be, as time spent socializing with socializers is wasted. But is it wise to lie to yourself?

Some begin to believe the stories they tell about the innocent miserable position they are in, blaming others while depicting themselves as noble actors backed into a corner by secret malice rather than an obvious result of choices taken.

Nature is wide and cannot be outflanked. The consequences of this vastness eventually come to light, if not realized in a moment of honest contemplation about why any significant event played out as it did.

Men must act quickly and realistically to remain a stable anchor connected to the actual world. Women, though quintessentially pragmatic are captivated by social aims, caring about silly opinions, curbing truths that might cause claims of social offense, and paying attention to the idle chatter of the day, rather than building a worthwhile foundation from which a fulfilling life is possible.

Small aims and coping with the short-term paradoxically tends to continue without end, and doing more of the same offers no way out of a hole via more digging, only an increased proximity to Hell. For a different result, you'd have to do something different.

By denying the situation created by their digging, they can not easily escape. The chain of events is clear, as well as seeing the alternative possibilities enjoyed by those who reject the disastrous faith and ideals of hole-diggers.

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