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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 25, 2021

Ideology As Social Aim

A crazy person might say that they are the king of France. They have indicated that for the duration of the social encounter, they wish to be identified as the king of France. You smile and nod, recognizing the detachment from reality and sizing up the likelihood they could become violent.

There are no consequences to social statements. The person claiming to be the king of France has risked almost nothing, and a few people might take him seriously and for a few moments listen to his foolish utterances until they can find a way to escape the encounter.

Social statements are like science fiction. Nothing about them need correspond to reality. They will not be examined for factuality. Assessing their truthfulness or seeking clarity is considered offensive. One is expected to obey the dictates of all claimed authorities, and defer to institutions seeking control of the public no matter their reasoning or lack of it. Holding them to question, or pointing out their deliberate lies and misrepresentations is a cloddish faux pas turning the transaction so they play victim to gain power to enforce their errors upon others without responsibility.

Strategy without concern for qualitative consequences gives us genres such as social justice, a hustle at odds with actual justice; boldly transgressing justice with flim-flam to secure favorable outcomes for results losers would like obtained from society by any means necessary -- namely force, coercion, and endless scheming to cheat nature and humanity, though only achieving prolonged destruction and misery.

The unfortunate perspective of losers notices others have achieved abundance, but cannot conceive how anyone could possibly accomplish anything, attributing good results to cheating rather than understanding and effort. In comparison, they also assume they are secretly penalized, keeping them incapacitated with drugs, entertainment, sloth, junk food, and debilitating beliefs. Losers assume from a position of privilege that they deserve the traits, disposition, and wealth others possess -- never considering their troubles are innate, just as the successful were well formed at birth and not ruined by the ideology and excuse based mindset of the failed.

There is no conspiracy against losers, except by nature.

Social justice dispenses entirely with the need for rationality, purpose, function and other aspects necessary for civilization. It cares not for for precedent - it incubates increasingly dysfunction populations, and those it favors today will be the privileged punished tomorrow for knowing how to read, clothe themselves, etc., and they will have to be extracted from and discriminated against for the sake of ideology favoring incapacity.

Institutions of power from government to corporations operate in loose affiliation with mobs to use violence and other techniques they cannot lawfully deploy upon subjects. The goal is to force tolerance for intolerable behavior, just one more unwelcome imposition the public must accept instead of the type of civilization they used to have and wish to build towards.

The social is whatever somebody claims it is. You can be a fish, wind, or a wizard -- and demand that others see you as that. Though this does not make you a fish or wind or a wizard. But it is fun to pretend you are and to make others have to agree that they pretend to see you as that. You might be just a pathetic creature atrophied into uselessness, but you have the power to insist others pretend to see you as you claim to be.

In truth it is not so bad to be the king of France and see the look on their faces when they realize you are exceptional royalty to be marveled over.

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