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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 21, 2021


Self-occupation using multiple screens now averages 5 hours and 21 minutes per day consuming video content.

Millennials spend around 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media pressing like buttons, posting selfies, and repeating comment phrases they learned from other social media platforms.

They do not consume to learn new information about the world. They are not curious about ideas or seeking knowledge. They are droids compelled to consume.

Consuming occupies all of their free time, preventing them from doing anything interesting or productive. They are stuck forever in passive observation of a fictional reality, blocking themselves from being able to experience life's possibilities.

Time runs out each day being captive to the occupiers, and the occupied not only fail to progress, but are conditioned to gradually fall in line with the content they consume.

Media content is not necessarily to push an ideology, but just as a drug user might enjoy many intoxicants, those who seek profit from loyal vessels of consumption utilize similar modes of occupation to control and corral.

Content does not seek to inform. It is divorced from any dependency on fact and provided as entertainment to provoke an emotional response through deliberately crafted misinformation. It craves reaction, for which wild claims are best. Boring facts are ineffective media.

Content providers are not acting with malice, but for profit. The content is just a sweet coating for advertisements and advertisers pressure content providers to condition consumers to be open to and tolerant of the commercial messages that are the purpose of programming.

In the post-societal world, companies can sell soda or harmful content and don't care of what will obviously result to the public from consuming harmful products. There is no moral requirement or legal exposure for pushing harmful products upon an undisciplined public.

Citizens destroy their health and act surprised that their own choices have made them ill, as if they were required by law to consume what destroys them.

Most of the time, you should want stillness. You do not want to expend energy on pointless chatter, and certainly not be swept away with false promises and exaggerated story telling inflating trivial events to seem like revolutions. In stillness you can think clearly and purposely focus your actions.

To neither raise hopes, nor to have hopes raised.
Nothing will come from these events.
Energy is drained by drawing attention to the irrelevant.
It is cruel to drain others away into nothingness.

Almost nothing is happening day to day, and honest news would appropriately say little, using small fonts and relaxed narratives. Maybe a few pretty photographs and poetry could boost the quality of the content.

The news can be skipped without missing anything essential, and social media too -- returning eight hours a day so a person can do anything they want instead of being occupied.

Most won't take that deal. Occupation is comforting and fills the day and consciousness with endless nonsense. Comfort appeals more than finding out what is possible in the real world.

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