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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2021

Without Reward

If you were making a religion to appeal to the multitude, you'd treat them like retarded children too perpetually disorganized and limited to consider the consequences of their actions.

Have mercy and patience with them, for they do not instinctively feel that theft, rape, and murder are unwelcome choices, but need constant education and frowning elders.

Though there is naturally much quiet discrimination against such people because they are noticed for spreading ruin and disorder, they can also be methodically harnessed to comply with manufactured consensus herding their sheer numbers of crippling disabilities into power for politicians.

Pliable for manipulation with outlandish stories, threats, and promises for obedience, they are simplistically impulsive and predictable.

Tolerating destructive impositions and chanting trite phrases praising decline does not constitute enlightenment.

There is not great stratification. The average comply much like those below average. The above average comply like the average, bending to social accord rather than measuring and comparing outcomes to those possible in previous configurations.

More education dilutes offerings to those who could make use of it; the outcome of education depending upon raw materials. No one can be made more able to think clearly or given character they do not already possess, only a few subject specific facts added to their memory.

Education is mostly used to miseducate, i.e. teaching misunderstandings and coercing tolerance that politely looks away from scrutinizing the quality of results.

The opinions inculcated in the multitude rule, not correct and well considered ideals.

Harboring power in the multitude creates mass paralysis inhibiting consideration of the present situation and serious planning for better systems. This creates quiet opportunity for a few thoughtful people to accomplish something other than spending their time cleaning up after destructive monsters.

Teaching the primacy and superiority of the multitude conjures Hell into existence. This fundamental lie needs to sustain itself by denying quality is possible or desirable, and to subvert attempts that would favor quality over quantity.

Transitioning from a preference for quality or quantity to the alternative is chaotic while one system is undone and the other gradually put into place, though the promise of what will be helps sustain during the effort.

Quality is for the few, unless cultivating it over centuries so it increases within a population. Otherwise, strategists assume mediocrity and utilize quantity to force things through despite obvious inadequacies that could be addressed, but are ignored because cultivating quality is an effort that exceeds their timeline.

Eternal Right is our North Star. As ever, we heed known truths; no new facts about life appearing for millennia. Many truths obscured and half-forgotten still linger to be rediscovered by curious souls.

No easy promises can be honestly offered, nor would you want them. Nothing is free, much is possible, but there is only what you create. The time for action is now, or as soon as you have a plan forward.

You've got to do everything for the results you want and accept that for all you do there will be no external reward. No one will think anything of it. The universe won't care. Certainly your motives should not be timely conformity or to impress others whose opinion really means nothing. Rather than deeming this a bleak realization or claim to feel hurt, you are thankful for unblemished clarity.

Alone watching over yourself you shall not falter, but choose eternal right. No one else will ever know, yet you do not forsake rightful actions.

There is no one to envy. You would reject all offers to trade places with any other person, seeing too easily spiritual poverty, dullness, and self-created misery resulting from a series of bad decisions. You don't want their lives -- you are making your own.

Perhaps you have no living role models. The excellent examples you encounter must be seen with selective vision, looking away from the ugly and deranged parts. You forgive all: there is often not enough time to make everything great. You can thrive within thin perspectives.

No one will care a lick about what you do. At most they will utter a few words of worthless praise. The North Star shines on, everpresent beacon reminding that your explorations are made to stretch far.

Those who know from doing have the shortest shorthand. A glance or a symbol says everything. No wasteful conversation about the trivial. Those who talk at length are usually ignorant idlers, doubly paralyzed to neither learn nor take thoughtful action. Their praise and critique is noise better spared.

You smile at the depths of folly and keep going. Always looking onward, not diverted to nonsense or stuck amongst the bored. If things have gone mostly right in your preparation, you're way past expecting reward or caring about silly opinions. When you know the direction to go, lonely chatterers shan't impose hesitation.

Having surveyed the world, you see most of it is idle, graciously limiting costly errors and wickedness from aspiring devils. The impassioned do not repeat slogans and occupy themselves with mediocrity, but cultivate deep knowledge and hone expertise.

Time is short for communicating or organizing others, but you can align yourself with sensible aims and take necessary actions for your goals. You'll meet good souls and share adventures along the way.

Excuse makers openly reveal their maladies. Everyone knows why failures perpetually fail, though it is impolite to discuss in public. Playing along is too degrading, so you skip it.

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